Elegance in a Lego Light Fixture

One of the most popular build-your-own toys on earth is, and has been for years and years, Lego. Here at Yanko Design we’ve mentioned Lego a few times, but not any time recently have we had a post about something made almost exclusively OUT OF legos. Astounding! This lovely chandelier breaks that trend with incredible classiness for a kids toy made of plastic.

This particular piece was made to appear at home in a Victorian-era building, yet give the “youth and vigor” of a contemporary clientele. What better way than with Lego?

Next time I suggest molding a chandelier out of candy. I’ve seen it done! One time a local band named Brother and Sister had a guitar molded out of hard sugar candy. Each time “Brother” played a solo, he encouraged people to come up and take a taste of the wicked rock and roll!

Designer: John Harrington

LEGO Chandelier by John Harrington



  • MWUK says:

    I love how 8-bit it looks… If only the bulbs were LEDS with clear bricks surrounding them…

  • Walrus says:

    Is it glued together? It doesn’t seem like the thin chain part would be able to support the weight without the bricks coming apart otherwise.

  • GlowBlue says:

    I immediately thought of Castlevania. I sure wouldn’t mind a whole line of 8-bit looking furnishings made from legos.

    • Chris Burns says:

      YAAAAAA castlevania. also yes, i’d live in a house like that too.

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