Nature-inspired chandelier combines botany and luxury into one stellar lighting design for your home

Hanging right above you like a branch of leaves on a tree, the Nana Lure Chandelier by Pelle adds tropical tranquility to your home. Inspired by the large overarching shape of banana leaves, the chandelier’s shades are entirely handmade from cotton paper, and come lined with LEDs on the inside. When switched off, the Nana Lure Chandelier has the allure of a tropical plant, however, when switched on, it turns into one of the most stunningly vivid nature-inspired lighting designs! At the risk of cracking a horrible pun, this chandelier certainly does drive me bananas!

Designer: Pelle

The Nana Lure Chandelier is a prime example of exactly what a chandelier brings to a table. Chandeliers aren’t utilitarian, they’re emotive. While most chandeliers communicate a sense of luxury, the Nana Lure expresses something more nuanced – the luxurious feeling of being carefree on a beachside, without a worry in the world! The lighting solution exists as a single leaf unit but can be bunched together to create leaf fronds that look like the upper half of a banana tree.

Each leaf comprises a handmade and handpainted cotton-paper shade, cut out to look exactly like a banana leaf complete with discolorations and even the ridges along the leaves. The shade is then affixed to a patinated steel frame that allows it to hold its shape, and the frame’s hollow inner is lined with an LED strip that faces downwards, illuminating the leaf from within to cast a soft light downwards.