Micro Perforated Perfection

How would you like to know that when it’s not the light of your life, your bulb is busy resting in it’s own lovely nest? That kind of peace of mind can be yours, now! With only a single steel sheet to cover it, this bulb’s next to a mother, but its only child is light. Each sheet of steel is made to be penetrated by light with micro-perforations. Open and closed at the same time.

A nest is a place where a mama animal leaves its babies for short spans of time. Where the mother sits on the eggs of her offspring, and waits for them to hatch unto the world. The same is true of this bulb. In the bulb’s nest, the light is cradled, contained, and released upon the world.

And best of all, these lamps create, and I quote, “evocative atmospheres.”

That’s what’s up.

Designer: Mist-O Design

Nest Lamps by Mist-O Design