Camera for the Blind

Well that’s just silly! Why would a person who has no sight take a photograph that’s only able to be experienced by a person with full sight? Well that’s just it, isn’t it? Does the fact that the originator cannot experience the product they create make it incorrect for them to make it? Think about Van Gogh for instance – made art, around 2,000 pieces of it, but never became successful for it until after his death.

– should all of his artwork have gone into his grave with him?

The camera for the blind takes this a step further. Not only is this camera made for people who are blind to take photos, (that connect to sound clips recorded at the same time, very cool!), it’s also possible to link this to the vectorization and 3D printers of today and tomorrow and print the images back out so that the blind may “see.”

Imagine the possibilities!

Interviews and user-testing with prototypes was conducted at the Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Also I love how this camera looks, ironically. I hope it takes amazing photos because I’m really enjoying the exterior aesthetics.

Designer: Nadeem Haidary

Camera for the Blind by Nadeem Haidary