Another Hygiene Standard Flow

From Docta Ecological Consciousness. What! What! Representing the flexible bathroom environment. Word up. Really though, look at this bathroom. It’s called “Another Bathroom” and it’s designed by Felipe Ribon. It’s just fabulous. The questions it asks are how we could keep high hygiene standards in a flexible bathroom environment, and ALSO enjoy it with ecological consciousness? Harsh limits!

EDITORS NOTE: *I always try to write an interesting title to a post. This one seemed to turn into a rap lyric so I kept on boppin for the first few sentences.

Here’s how we do it. Here’s how Felipe Ribon’s bathroom does it. A series of textile basins and a line of variable flow faucets. You can see the textile basing being stretched by the shirtless man below onto a basin that’ll collect water.

Its plain to see a bunch of the benefits.

But there’s more to it than what meets the eye. The fabric used in this project is nano-technic. They’re bacteria free, waterproof, removable, cleanable in the washing machine.

There are 3 areas where this system is applied in this WC:

1. A wall basin for washing the face and head.

2. A platform basin to wash the upper body.

3. A cabinet basin to wash the entire body (the bath-looking green one).

In addition, there are several low flow faucets that reduce water consumption and can be taken apart and washed in the sink or dish washer. There are four different faucets.

1. Geode: the largest, variable geometry, adjustable head for 3 different types of water jet.

2. Savonnette: the hockey-puck looking faucet, designed to fit in the palm.

3. Sprinkler: the tiny mushroom, jet mist for moisturizing the skin.

4. Stylet: the pen sized faucet, precise and intimate, generates very strong jet of water for accurate cleaning, good for teeth for example.

Not for the once-a-month laundry family!

Designer: Felipe Ribon


Another Bathroom by Felipe Ribon