Concerning Wooden Mice

You use a mouse. Even if you have a laptop, you’ve USED a mouse, and when you go to the Apple store, I bet you use one of those giant computers with mice to check your emails. I mean I do that, right? Yes I do. And when I do, I think about how plastic the mouse is. What do I want instead? This lovely piece of design right here: the “AlestRukov” wooden mouse! Plug-n-play!

First let me tell you this: five year warrantee. A wooden mouse with a warrantee – finally! Then, look at this: made from types of wood cultivated specifically for industrial use, safe for the environment to manufacture and to use. The parts that aren’t wooden are made of the least amount of material possible, the wood itself covered with natural linseed oil and carnauba wax for protection from wear.

All wooden components made from a single piece of solid wood.

Mouse works in any* computer without new software or drivers. *unless you’ve got one of those custom-made, everything needs a new line of code and a hundred dollars to work kind of computers. You nerd.

BONUS: Also take note of the unique mouse cord. It’s a sort of “stay” cord that allows you the space you need in the situation you’re in.

Designer: Alest Rukov

The AlestRukov wooden mouse by AlestRukov