Do Jiggy To Get Sterile

Toothbrushes! Only Sterile Toothbrushes…I promise! The deal is that some folks think it’s high time we had a system to sterilize toothbrushes as they are a breeding ground for some awful Bacteria. One of the ways suggested is to somehow harness our 700 stokes (if you brush for 3 minutes) to kinetic energy, which in turn powers the UV LED in the toothbrush to do some Bacteria zapping. To cut the chase, use Shake Toothbrush, jiggy = dry, sterile toothbrush!

Designers: Hak Hyeon Ryu & Gil Ho Jin

Shake Toothbrush – Kinetic Powered Ultra Violet Sterilization For Toothbrushes by Hak Hyeon Ryu & Gil Ho Jin







  • Ambiva says:

    Independent research finds that most electric toothbrushes are no more effective than the manual variety. The exception is the “rotation-oscillation”-models, including many of the electrical brushes in Braun’s Oral B-series, but even this brush performs only marginally better than a regular manual brush

    • SuiDepPhaStu says:

      I’m pretty sure this isn’t motor-driven. UV *does* kill bacteria, but I really have to wonder if the brush can put out enough to actually do anything, given that first, it’s just a single UV LED, second, it’s not in the brush head, but in the base, and third, electricity generated from 700 brush strokes doesn’t sound like enough to kill bacteria.

      The idea is certainly interesting, but I’m really skeptical about the effectiveness of this particular execution here.

  • Impressive design, I like the LED.

  • Daneel says:

    This bacteria hysteria is getting in my nerves.

  • Anonymous says:

    i think the problem is the brissels, they absorb alot of germs

  • Ankur says:

    So are people getting sick from germs on their toothbrushes?

  • Golan says:

    and this is somehow more effective and cheaper then 99.cent Hydrogen Peroxide how?

  • Augustine says:

    This is no common sense at all that a Yanko_brush ($$$ compare to common brush)can only last for 1 month or so as compare to UV LED which has life span of 50,000 hours (5.7years). Moreover, doubt pizoelectric could generate enough energy to drive the UV LED 254nm @0.5W minimum. Worst no practical sense at all one’s has to shake 700 times (if pizoelectric big size enough) which is about 6 minutes before one’s could power up the UV LED. I could not imagine one’s has a big swollen mouth and blood lips coming out from the toilet. The design is total frault zero engineering knowledge and not sensible.

  • nazanin says:

    its really perfact!!!!!!!!i like it so much!!

  • Jimmy C says:

    Good design! This could be really useful!

  • jamima says:


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