Is BMW Pixie A Fairy?

Monster, speedster, trailblazer, mean-machine; these are the general adjectives that accompany an automotive post on YD. Rarely do we get treated to a feminist outlook on a industry that is predominantly male. Maybe this is why I won’t be as candid as AJ was in this post, but honestly, if designers spin a yarn for their designs and back them up with strong renders/sketches; the equation just doesn’t sit well with the public. All I get from this BMW Pixie is that will look good in the next Midsummer’s Night Dream Production!

Original Text:

My PIXIE concept aims to turn this condition of complexity into a positive mobility experience, moving you not only from A-B, but also in a theoretical way- changing your position within an ethical dimension towards recovering values that have become virtual in the last 10 years, like relationships, responsibility and active participation in society. I am approaching my design by translating the virtual back into an object/car whose main feature will be a different way of surfacing: by using porous structures to build the surface, I will achieve a bigger internal surface than on the outside, which will be used for functions like an evaporative cooling system. The architecture of the car will be up-dateable like software: the electric drive train is most likely to be out of date in a few years and therefore has to be easy to upgrade, by not integrating the battery in the hardware of the architecture. Fueling will no longer be just a matter of spending energy but creating an energy cycle, which keeps unused power available by using the existing infrastructure of streetlamps, creating an energy feedback. In other words: it is no longer about designing the surface of a car, but the values it represents as an object, not only for the users but also for the socio cultural infrastructure- so to speak a car for ‘cultural movement’.

Designer: Magdalena Schmid



BMW Pixie Concept Car by Magdalena Schmid





  • ranjix says:

    the drawings look very nice, the explanation is incredibly obnoxious and detached from reality. the “up-dateability” of the car is highly dubious, the high position for the engine (I suppose there’s the engine) makes for a high center of gravity (and less stability).
    “changing your position within an ethical dimension towards recovering values that have become virtual in the last 10 years, like relationships, responsibility…” ??? really?

    • Todd says:

      I totally agree….Hilarious !!!

      I am sure that BMW will pioneer the field of “recovering values”. I also would like to see this methodology/concept applied to the 7 series.

  • M.S.W. says:

    The design definitely looks like it was first formulated within the methos of the ether realm.

    That is quite the interesting verbiage from the designer. I would venture to say the designer should postulate a career in political speech writing.

    The “evaporative cooling system” of the body sounds interesting, but that would mean in order to use it one would have to hose down the car prior to each use. Not the most conservative use of water.

    The steering/suspension system should be described or rendered to show how it will handle the potholes/bumps and what method of steering is supposed to used here.

  • Confucius says:

    Ethical value relationships, what? In addition to the aforementioned comments, the front kills it for me, it looks like a rainbow trout in the 3rd image. I’m reminded of the scene in Austen Powers where he does the 50 point turn in the golf buggy, because turning this thing would be just as difficult.

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