Skipper Don’t Forget The Rewave

Rewave is essentially a design using Reverse Osmosis for desalinating the sea water. More for private consumption in coastal regions where fresh water is scarce or at-sea disaster situations, the Rewave is quite self-sufficient. It floats in water and harnesses the energy from the waves to power itself. Since a great amount of pressure is required for RO, the aperture has been placed at the bottom of body, allowing the seawater to get through to the motor area. After desalinating, the fresh water accumulates at the top and comes out via a pipe.

The only caution needed to be taken with Rewave is that the filters get worn out and need to be changed frequently. When the filters discolor, you know it’s time to change them! Bright side, the filters are made from recycled materials.

Designer: Yu-Hong Chen

Rewave Sea Water Desalinate Device by Yu-Hong Chen