So My Fork Makes Me Feel Guilty

Statistics in books make me just totally fall asleep. What this projects aims to do is to add another page to the three dimensional world of awareness. “What if this kind of information crawled off the page and seeped into the products that surround us?” That’s what Nadeem Haidary aims to explore. The first image you’ll see is of a fork whose prongs each represent the calories each capita consumes. Frightening?

As you can guess, the capita with the most calories has the prong most likely to pierce the food. The same is true with the plates that go with the forks in this set: the surface area of the plate relating directly to, again, the amount of calories per capita.

This project is called “Caloric Consumption” and if someone tries to make me eat with it when I’m chomping down on some amazing crab legs, I’m totally just not gonna look at the fork and pretend the plate doesn’t have a starving country on it. After the meal I will contribute money to a charitable fund.

Next time on Haidary’s extensive “In-Formed” project: Waste Production and Water Usage!


Designer: Nadeem Haidary

Caloric Consumption by Nadeem Haidary