Don’t Duck Around This Player

Quack Quack! Ok I won’t kid around this time, but I think Mac Funamizu has matured pretty much in his design sensibilities. The CD player is called Quackie, but the concept looks decent enough for the tweens who endorse stuff like the Mickey Mouse MP3 players. Quackie is thus: There’s a round body that rolls and a black speaker. The speaker is attached to the body at the axis and it rolls around the body. Simple functions of play/stop/next/back and volume up/down are included.

To pump up the volume, you roll the body so that the “beak” opens up; shutting the beak powers-off the system. Click the black speaker once to skip to the next song and click it thrice to go back.

Wow Mickey n Donald…a winner team!

Designer: Mac Funamizu

Quackie CD Player by Mac Funamizu