Curvy Bike

How would you re-define a bike? Tinker with it to get greater speed and performance? The curvy Hidemax Cycle is born out of the notion to enhance speed, functionality, looks, comfort, resistance and durability. In short it tries to address all major issues that bog a bicycle designer. Here’s what it’s got: adjustable height achieved by loosening the grip apparatus around the steering wheel. Instead of an up/down axis, the saddle of the bike can be adjusted to left/right through its 2 different joint points. The design includes Twins Shock Absorbers that are placed onto the back of the bicycle so that you can enjoy a bump-free ride!

Designer: Servet Yuksel

Hidemax Cycle by Servet Yuksel






  • This Is Cool. Why Is It Impossible?

  • tn requin says:

    very coooooooooool.i like it.

  • Mixel says:

    I really like the design of this bike.
    It probably rides verry comfortably, but I am wondering how strong the body is.
    It is nice that it is possible to adjust several parts of the bike.

  • FLX says:

    Ok, i like the aspect of flexibility too but there is no way in all hells that that inverse U in the lower part of the frame between the paddles and the axle is stable enough to keep the chain tight.

    Scratch that unnecessary inverse U. make the lower frame a little more stable (maybe with a T profile?) and you got a winner there!

  • jackie says:

    I’m just wondering why the drivetrain is on the left side in some shots and then the right side in others? Also, depending on the materials, the structural integrity doesn’t really look like it would be rigid enough.

  • Hartigan says:

    You are only enhancing your ego.
    Steering system does not look efficient.
    Front Frok is not aerodinamic at ALL. Hell the whole bike is not aerodinamic…
    Seat is not height adjustable.
    Shall I go on…


    • Mert Can says:

      I agree with you in most points aerodynamics, the carefree steering system, except the seat-height is adjustable. It “is” adjustable if you look at the 2nd render you can see clearly, however does it going to work? I doubt that it will.

      The body must be made of composites? With a good micro-skeletal management?

      I did like the idea of shock-absorbers on the back wheel, like it’s going to move up and down while riding over the speed-bumps or obstacles; while it also uses the pedal pivot for moving too? Or that structure must be rigid and elastic in a direction.

      IMO the whole design is about rigidity and playing with physics+elastics of the structure.

      Seems very good on paper/render in aesthetics, but like most designs we all do; too premature to be real.

  • Bram says:

    Unless you want to ride a time trial, the aerodynamics of a bike are not that important.
    I love the concept, but I’m afraid the torsion stiffness of the frame won’t be enough…

    • Hartigan says:

      Let me put it in a different way…
      is ugly as FCUK! (rearrange that)

  • pierrot says:

    Sorry, but it’s just another designer dream, mechanically irrealist.

    The structure of this bike would be extremely flexible, while for a performance bike, we want to maximize rigidity.

    Why flexible ? Try to find explanations about lattices, how to design them. To put it in a nutshell : triangles, not rectangles or other polygons, straight tubes or, for curve tubes, the form il carefully designed according to the mechanical sollicitations.
    And compare the flexibility of a flat part of metal (aluminium rule for example), and a tube made in the same kind of material, you’ll understand why bikes use round or oval tubes and not flat ones.

    The standard bicycle frame is probably the best lattice you can make for this application. A lot of men worked on finding a more performant form, but the frame form is still the same for over 100 years, only the materials evolved.

    If you want to design on bikes, maybe you’d better to work on applications (recumbent bikes, utilitary, aerodynamics…) than on frame’s form 😉
    Or design cruiser bikes, the regidity and weight aspects are less important, they’s a lot of possibilities 🙂

  • Verrry pretty yess please

  • SkyWay says:

    nice daydream

  • Igor Kolar says:

    wow, what a beautiful, physically impossible bicycle…

  • This Is Cool. Why Is It Impossible?

    • This is not impossible just very inefficient. The biggest goof is every time you push the peddles you are putting tension on the chain, causing the rear forks and the crank support to bend together. This bending takes energy, lots of it, and that energy is not available for use by the rear wheel to move you forward. There is reason even bikes with rear suspension have a chain stay, transmission of the highest possible percentage of your power to the rear wheel.

  • p says:

    As an avid bike rider, mechanic, and industrial designer who usually scoffs at “designed” bikes, I can say that in addition to this beign a neat concept, this is definitely possible (with some minor tweaks and a little engineering). I like that you keps the basic mechanics of a bicycle, and instead of throwing on hubless wheels and an impossible drivetrain, chose instead to focus on smaller, more specific areas of improvement. The handlebar height adjust is very well executed. much better looking imo that traditional height adjust stems. The seat-sliding for and aft is a good idea, but the height not being adjustable is definitely a valid issue, why not try to apply the same system there as you did with the cockpit? The frame, fork and suspension aren’t perfect (probably some weight and flex issues), but the ribbon effect is a neat departure from the tube that’s been around forever. I think you’d still probably need a headset (bearing for the front fork) integrated there – the bushing/bolt/whatever you’ve got going on probably wont cut it.

    Anyway, technicalities aside, great color application, strong branding possibilities, graceful aesthetic. I see this as a great idea for a public bike rental service. Great job, and don’t let the naysayers get under your skin. This is a nice concept.

  • Qwertz says:

    It is hideous, ridiculous, unrealistic and useless… It doesn’t change any of the relevant issues considering bike, it can be stolen as ordinary bike, it can not be folded, the riders position is the same, except there are more curves on the frame, just to add weight and make it more breakable. If such thing was made it would be twice as heavy than regular bike and still almost impossible to ride due to al the twisting of the frame… It could be repaired with inserting a plate between this curvy outline (to get an I-beam).. but still it would not be the most efficient neither the most comfortable bike.

    I am surprised how many folks find it nice and beautiful.
    You have just mistaken someone’s rendering experiment for a design.

  • Qwertz says:

    It is a joke, isn’t it?

  • Harry says:

    This is just ego wanting to be creative taking over. Not an innovative design. Maybe efficient in manufacturing since most parts come from the similar flat materials, and that’s about it. As far as functionality is not working. First this flat material has to be supremely strong since it has to support the seating of maximum 250 lbs., maybe more? And it so happends that the weight tension presses against the weakest part of the flat, perpendicular to the flat surface area! The 2 flat beams underneath the seat are not helping much to support weight. Or all these structure is just the purpose of comfort? Second, the spring suspension on the back may not work well since it curves to the back from the seat towards the back wheel. As long as I remember your weight force goes straight down, not curve.
    What happened to form follows function?

  • umar says:

    Wow nice bike. I really like this bike

  • Joe says:

    Design for designs sake, and BAD design at that. For starters, when pedaling the chain tension would pull on the ‘seat stays/suspension’ making it bob and wallow like a heavily pregnant pig. The seat moving forward and backward is rediculous and would only offer the benefit of a crippling knee injury. And I don’t know what you’re planning to make it out of for those piddly little strips of material to withstand any stress whatsoever.

    Stick to what you know. There is enough badly designed crap in this word. If you know nothing about bike design DON’T DESIGN BIKES!

    Peace out.

    • Cal says:

      Tell it like it is brother!!
      I might go and retype my comment after all;-)
      Dam that might honestly be the worst bike i’ve ever seen!!


  • igendesign says:

    Interesting, BUT

    this structure cannot work, because of many problems
    eg.: i don’t know the material? is it metal? or polimer? alu? but 2×4 spokes with this absurd array?
    and the crossection of the elements are very-very unlucky…

    but doesn’t matter, because the point is that

    _it is unnecessary to ‘reinvent’ bicycle, because it already exists and already works better than perfectly_

    so bicycle is just another design fetish… waagh!

  • Harry says:

    You guys are all wrong. This is not a bicycle design. It is paperweight design for your desk, bicycle model, 1:10 scale. It’s just missing the stand.

  • Cal says:

    Whenever i see bikes designs on this site i am skeptical, reason 1 i ride everyday to work everyday, 2 i ride trial and downhill on the weekends and 3 i have designed many bikes and subjected them to FEA.
    So in short i think that by trying to redesign the wheel you not only get rubbish like this bike you also undermine the very functionality that makes it effictive. Literally everything about this bike defies logic, just look at the fork, sitting on the bike would collapes it, and that saddel! i’m getting circulation problems just by looking at it. NOT COOL/COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME:-(

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  • Dear says:

    The weels are the only thing that would never work…the rest of the frame, I suppose, could be realized and with little modifications it could work as an urban bike…

    Brakes are expected to be part of the design….including calble routings, but there're fixed bikes everywhere, nowadays…

  • Dear says:

    The weels are the only thing that would never work…the rest of the frame, I suppose, could be realized and with little modifications it could work as an urban bike…

    Brakes are expected to be part of the design….including calble routings, but there're fixed bikes everywhere, nowadays…

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