Take In The Whole 180 Degree View

Adding a new dimension to photography is the Intel Capture180 Camera. Taking a tangent from the mega-pixel war, and data storage issues, the Capture180 Camera brings in the news with its Virtual Reality imaging proposal. It uses a 180 degree fish-eye lens to capture 180 degree hemisphere and stores the information as meta-data within each shot, allowing the camera’s viewfinder, a digital picture frame, or your computer screen to come alive with the images.

The 180 degree fish-eye lens captures quite a wide view of the shot.

The warped photos are unwrapped in-camera into a hemisphere of image, and everything outside of the traditional picture frame is stored as meta-data. When viewing photos, position sensors allow the camera’s viewfinder to act as a window into a still moment in time. If it’s a photo of fireworks, you can point the camera over to the left see the faces of the people sitting next to you- it’s like the camera never left the place. The extra meta-data also means that photos can be recomposed long after they’ve been shot. Photos can be cropped down or up, and this pretty much eliminates the need for the user to point. The whole scene is captured with each shot, and one or multiple photos can be composed from the scene later.

Designer: Lucas Ainsworth

Intel Capture180 Camera by Lucas Ainsworth