Balance Mein Freunde

What do you do with an unused hanger, early in the morning? This right here is the worlds newest reinvention of the clothing hanger. In a very basic swift move of the hand, our super friend Mac has created the possibility for installation art in every home in the modern world. It’d make Alexander Calder proud to see and experience what Mac calls the “Mobile Hanger.” Not for playing with, kitty!

Bad kitty, down! Not for you!

This lovely little ditty is leftover artwork. This project is a hanger system that acts as a normal hanger unless it is not needed to hold clothing. While the normal hanger then becomes useless, the Mobile Hanger becomes art.

See below how it is made to balance perfectly just so long as the obvious one-hanger-per-hole rule is followed, and wu-la! You’ve got your own little Institute of Art in your living room!

Designer: Mac Funamizu






Mobile Hanger by Mac Funamizu