Win The $495 Nooka Zon Cuz You’re Worth it!

Winner: Alex C. in Saint Louis, MO!

Must there always be a reason to do a giveaway? Hell yes otherwise no one wants to sponsor one!

Luckily for YD and its loyal community, there is a company as honest in its views as ours. I’m talking about the elegant Nooka, who have graciously agreed to do a giveaway for us…simply because they too feel that YD readers DESERVE something special! It’s our (YD& Nooka’s) way of reciprocating loyalty.

Simply tell us what would you do if you WON a NOOKA ZON! Would you do the jiggy, show-it-off to other netizens or Call us and tell us you LOVE US?

Here’s a quickie on the Zon, it’s a beautiful timepiece that sports a 35x 45mm dot matrix display. It also features a list of cities and timezones and boasts a mirror-finish display. It comes in three rich colors: Black, White & GunMetal. Priceless, just like you folks!

Contest Ends: September 8, 12:00am PST

Nooka Zon White

Nooka Zon Black

Nooka Zon Gunmetal