Win The $495 Nooka Zon Cuz You’re Worth it!

Winner: Alex C. in Saint Louis, MO!

Must there always be a reason to do a giveaway? Hell yes otherwise no one wants to sponsor one!

Luckily for YD and its loyal community, there is a company as honest in its views as ours. I’m talking about the elegant Nooka, who have graciously agreed to do a giveaway for us…simply because they too feel that YD readers DESERVE something special! It’s our (YD& Nooka’s) way of reciprocating loyalty.

Simply tell us what would you do if you WON a NOOKA ZON! Would you do the jiggy, show-it-off to other netizens or Call us and tell us you LOVE US?

Here’s a quickie on the Zon, it’s a beautiful timepiece that sports a 35x 45mm dot matrix display. It also features a list of cities and timezones and boasts a mirror-finish display. It comes in three rich colors: Black, White & GunMetal. Priceless, just like you folks!

Contest Ends: September 8, 12:00am PST

Nooka Zon White

Nooka Zon Black

Nooka Zon Gunmetal


  • Alan says:

    Darling Nooka you are so very beautiful.
    I adore your lovely face and your gorgeous body sends shivers down my spine.
    I know you will never let me down and no matter where we go in the world you will always be there for me.
    The way you wrap yourself around me, caressing my skin, fills me with passion and desire.
    Oh my Nooka, I will love you forever.

  • chloe says:

    Well, for starters, show it off!
    Who wouldn’t want a watch unique in design, versatile in functions, and original in concept?
    (I do!)

    With its incredible ability to change appearances, it makes a great accessory to wear to any event.
    You can wear it to work – align the lug at the center to give you that modern, yet very professional look. (I SO need that.)
    You can wear it to school – simply align the lug to the left or right to give your outfit that edgy look. (That’s right, I’m cooler than you.)
    You can wear it on a night out – three different colors to match your outfit. (Hmmm, what should I wear with this outfit? I know! Nooka Zon!)
    You can wear it when you’re traveling – the 24-hour time zone function allows you to keep track of times around the world so you’ll never accidentally call up your friends/family at 3am in the morning. (I should have gotten this watch earlier…)
    You can wear it when you’re with … well, let’s just say it’s someone you really don’t want to be with – Change the display to read like an hourglass so the other person will think that you’re just admiring your own accessory, and not looking at the time. (;])
    (I would wear it anywhere!)

    In conclusion, the Nooka Zon is a nice watch. You’ll definitely want to put it on your wish list.
    (Did I say nice? Oops. Make that VERYYYYYY nice.)

    Oh, and remember your manners. Thank the person who gave you this watch. (Thank you, YD & Nooka! :D)

  • Dave McGowan says:

    If I won I would give it to my dad as aq birthday present, he deserves it

  • Ole says:

    If I win, I guess I’ll just stop to be late at work ! yes that’s what I am going to do, be on time !
    Thanks Yanko

  • Sylvain.Vidal. says:

    I will be the happiest father in town

  • toolgirl says:

    What a neat design! What a great watch to impress my geeky office buddies.

  • Omar Hammam says:

    I would do a prayer to God and and a”THANK YOU” email to NOOKA and YD !

  • panjo says:

    That is one cool looking watch. I would wave my wrist in peoples faces so they could get a better look at this watch.

  • Randy says:

    If I won this watch, I would do a happy dance and be in tears.

  • Collins Awuzieke says:

    What would I do if I win a nooka zon?
    when im notified, i will call to thank and show appreciation . then i will brag with it at all times. saying it’s not easy.

  • Bartal Jógvansson Djurhuus says:

    Show off of course!

  • Kunaal mohan says:

    Anytime someone would ask for the time, I would stop them immediately, in an over dramatic way for the most success. Then I would proceed to tell them the time to the second. And when that’s get really annoying and old I will simply be first to answer, every time without fail.

  • albert says:

    I’d wear it and use it to its fullest extent. What more could you want?

  • Ng Aik Sun says:

    If I win, I would finally be able to see a Nooka watch up-close to figure out how it works!!!:-)

  • Safi Ahmed Memon says:

    I would:
    1.Alarmed by the Nooka Zon Alarm.
    2.Wake up.
    3.Turn off te alarm.
    5.look at my Nooka Zon.
    6.WON’T scratch my balls and wear my Nooka Zon.
    7.Then put on my breakfast trousers.
    8.Look at my Nooka Zon.
    9.Go to the staircase leading to my drawing room.
    10.Look at my Nooka Zon(simultaneously stepping downwards).
    11.Fall off.
    12.Way down the staircase (watcing my Nooka calculating the timeperiod of the fall (to verify Newton’s Law of Gravitation)).
    13.Land on my head !
    14.Don’t worry about my Nooka Zon 😛 …its break proof…it should be atleast 😛
    15.Then look at my still shining Nooka Zon.
    16.Switch the 45 x 35 x 9mm Screen Watch Mode from the 32,768 Hz Quartz Crystal Oscillation Frequency / TDF LCD Display to the Mirror mode.
    17.Look into my Nooka straight at my forehead. (and say OMG, Blood?! – It sure is a big cut)
    18.Show the cut to my mom. It is bleeding like Hell!
    19.Mom: OMG !!! Where did ya get that WATCH !!??
    20.Me: Mom ! look at my forehead..
    21.Mom: The Watch !!!!!!
    22.Me: Hey Mom my headdd…. its burning …
    23.Mom: whh…wh…where did you get this thing form ??
    24.Me: MOM !
    25.MOM!: Noo…ooo…OooKA??
    27.Me: Mom! I’m dying …for God’s Sake !!
    28.MOM!: I never had a Noooka !! Is it YOURS??? Where did you get it from??
    29.Me: Yep! Last night i put all the teeth – my father broke off his patients jaws – under my pillow ! I got this damn awesome brand.. OuCh! The cut’s BurNinG…. What the… MOM!
    30.My father is a Dentist !!! really!!!
    31.But he can’t afford me a Nooka Zon.
    32.“MOM! My forehead!”
    33.So i think I just need this thing now instead of just imagining it on my wrists ! 🙂

  • Safi Ahmed Memon says:

    [email protected]

  • Yen Wei Lee says:

    Sorry guys~ I win.
    I am wearing the watch and the watch only now.
    Thanks Yankodesign!!

  • Teo Kai Qiang says:

    Foremost, if i managed to win, i would personally write a letter of appreciation both to YD and Nooka for giving me such chance of being able to own a Nooka Zon. Afterwhich, I would wear it daily to work and it would serve as an inspirational object for my daily product designing work, The success of valued simplicity designing. And if possible, would like to take the opportunity to work with Nooka.

  • Raztus says:

    I would *slowly* open the packaging, taking photos to blog the moment.

    When unwrapped I would put the watch on and dance around like the kid I really am. I would annoy my wife by continually putting it too close to her eyes, telling her to “Look, isn’t it beautiful?”.

  • WJ says:

    Thanks a bunch for the giveaway! The Nooka rocks! If I luckily win a Nooka Zon, I’ll take a picture of my nooka when traveling around the world and name the pictures as “[email protected]’arc De Triomphe”,”[email protected] Great Wall”,”[email protected]” and so on.

    Then I’ll write a book about my journey and call it “When Space Is Woven Into Time”, with all the photos of Nooka.Of course I’ll send YD a few copies of my book =D

    After that I’ll sell my book on Amazon and use the money I get from the sale to sponsor another giveaway for the Yanko Community!

  • L.A. Reese says:

    I would actually start wearing a watch again. Along with snickering at folks with lesser watches!

  • janet says:


  • Raymond Song says:

    I guess my chances of winning are low, but I might as well give it a shot. Everyone has a chance, I suppose. If I did happen to win, I would definitely sport this watch. It’s modern and very sleek. Good luck all.

  • Rich S. says:

    I would take my new Nooka out for a nice steak dinner. I would pick her pick in a limo, insist on opening the door for her, and wait for her to be seated at the table first before I sat down. When my Nooka mentioned how expensive all the entrees were, I would respond that there wasn’t a price I wouldn’t pay to see her enjoy herself tonight, and the rest of our nights together, if she’d have me. At which time I would get onto one knee and tell her about how happy I’ve been with my Nooka in my life, that all the other watches meant nothing to me anymore, and that if she’d have me, I would want her on my wrist for the rest of my days. I would than dance a jig of celebration (in slow motion, of course) and run off into the sunset with my forever Nooka.

  • Colin Leung says:

    I’d definitely show it off, who wouldn’t?

  • Aniam says:

    First I would find out what time it is relative to my position on the planet. Then I would call everyone I know, and notify them of my good fortune and inform them of the correct current local time where they live. Because I am certain their timepieces are inferior to a ZON.

  • Mitchell says:

    I love watches and want to design them one day. If anything did change, would come up in ALOT more conversations!

    Nice site on the other hand!

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