Now A Mathematical Kettle

Looking at this Parabola Kettle, I’m quite reminded of the Turtle and Geometric adventures of kettle-design. It brings up questions like do we really need a drastic change in shapes of kettles? Or should we focus only on functionality? Yea, the kettle sits in its quite corner in the kitchen; it makes no demand except for aesthetic appeal and timely maintenance. So does it warrant a parabolic re-design? You tell me…

From original text:

The Parabola represents the use of X & Y axis as the base and the front pouring part. Furthermore the kettle is parabolic in every face.

Designer: Omer Deutsch

Parabola Kettle Design by Omer Deutsch







  • Carl says:

    great form shame it does not show it pouring

  • Kieran Ball says:

    I believe the kettle is desperately in need of a dramatic re-design, though not necessarily an aethetic makeover, or even in extra functionality. Rather it needs a ‘greenover’.

    Most modern kettles draw around 2400W in order to boil the water quickly… the same as powering 40 60W light bulbs. When was the last time you boiled only the amount of water you needed…? Most of us boil on average 3 or 4 times the necessary amount. That means we are using 3 – 4 times more energy then is necessary to make our cup of tea or 2 minute noodles etc.

    Consider also the average household produces 4 – 8 boil cycles per day, not to mention those time you reboil the kettle because you forgot about it and it went cold.

    So forget styling and functionality… lets focus on efficiency and design kettles that make the user concious of their excess energy consumption.

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