This rollable mouse has ergonomic design and innovative features to tackle wrist pain

Ever since I started working on a Macbook, I have barely used a mouse. But I’ve seen how it can be inconvenient and non-ergonomic at times for my friends who still need to use it. This particular device hasn’t had much innovations over the past years so it’s always interesting to see product designs that seek to bring something new to the market. For mouse devices, what users are looking for of course are ones that are ergonomic, tailor-made, and can bring new features to the table.

Designer: Swift Creatives Studio

The SliderMouse Pro is a “tailor-made” mouse concept that brings an innovative and ergonomic design to your typical device. It’s not just the usual wired or wireless mouse with the round shape but it actually looks like a keyboard itself. The sleek design and wireless interface will make it easier for you to use it and its contoured shape and comfortable grip brings an ergonomic element to something that you probably use more than four hours every day.

The device has a sliderbar so your cursor control is freer than if you’re using a regular mouse and you won’t have to move your hands or wrists unnecessarily. It also has a large scroll wheel with smart buttons around it for things like copy pasting as well as forward/backward navigation. There’s also a wrist rest which is something that computer users need especially if they spend most of their working time using a screen, keyboard, and mouse. The wrist reests are detachable and customizable and can be tailor fit to the hand size of the user. It comes in light grey fabric, dark grey fabric, or sustainable bamboo.

The SliderMouse Pro is a pretty unique and useful design for a mouse. However, if you have a small table, it will probably not work since it takes up a lot of space and is almost as big as a keyboard. But if your concern is more about the functionality and the ergonomics of a mouse, then this should be perfect for your needs. Well, if it becomes an actual device someday.