Robox Boxes Coagulate!

Like all good, pure, family-oriented projects, this one was designed by a parent for some childrens. These childrens are the parent’s children, and he is designer Guus Oosterbaan. And he is a genius. I said it. You can quote me. He is brilliant. I say he is brilliant because if I were a kid, I’d totally flip out for these boxes. I’d sit on them, put them together, talk to them, punch them in the face… Totally flip out.

WHO are we kidding, you and I? I am totally flipping out right now because these robots have automatic kid-spirit rays at their command! This man is definitely an awesome father. Take a seat and read a little:

Robox is a series of 9 storage boxes for kids. My idea is to create storage boxes that are fun to look at. Instead of boxes with repetitive motives, Robox create big robots which can be part of kids play (my kids find it very amusing to build robots that are much taller than themselves and then knock them over while shouting super-hero stuff).

Yes! A thousand times yes!

Each box is unique in print; each box has its own unique front, sides, backside, top and bottom. The boxes can be stored on shelves. The shelves become “invisible” when all boxes are placed, creating a very decorative surface.

And the best part (or maybe the worst!) is that these do not exist to buy yet – Oosterbaan still needs someone to collaborate with him [hint! [email protected]] to get these boxes produced. That should be you. And I will join in because I definitely need to test-drive these.

Designer: Guus Oosterbaan

Robox the Robot Blocks by Guus Oosterbaan