This Lamp’s All Touchy-Feely!

We’ve lost all physical connection with our lights! Whether it’s from a button, switch, or a smartphone, we’re remotely controlling the light whereas before people had to touch it. ELVIS is an ambient light that introduces an entirely new (old) way of interacting with lights, emphasizing on this feeling of touch.

Ambient lights themselves are tasked with stimulating mood – they are as personal as lights will get to humans. ELVIS aims to build on this personal interaction and provides a multi sensory ambient experience by creating a new user-product relationship developed through touching and sliding the light itself. The brightness of the light can be adjusted by sliding the front panel up or down. Maximum brightness can make ELVIS a reading light whereas minimum brightness will make it a night lamp. The front panel is housed with a soft fabric to further enhance the feeling of touch.

Designer: Sushant Vohra