The Braille Phone

Hello there! I want to tell you about the thing called “collective conscious”: It’s a theory which says we (humans) all share, on some level, the same databank of knowledge, learning and creating together. Keeping that in mind, take a look at this, Seon-Keun Park’s braille-central phone: the second universally accessible phone we’ve discovered here on Yanko in so many weeks!

Right after (or right before) you take a peek at this design, be sure to check out the version that Seunghan Song designed. Compare and contrast! Then look at this! It’s got raised and lowered portions to create braille using what’s called Electric Active Plastic (EAP!) Several different modes can be activated: text, braille numbers, roman-character numbers, and off (all lowered.)

It can send and receive phone calls and texts, displaying texts in braille in the space normally reserved for a screen on the average phone.

Designer: Seon-Keun Park

Universal Cellular Phone by Seon-Keun Par








  • Seunghan Song says:

    You know~It’s really gorgeous concept.

  • Sajid says:

    Very nice concept.
    I guess that Electric Active Plastic is still a future technology as I can not find any technical information about it.

    I noticed “abc” for text messaging below the digit keys 🙂
    Obviously not very useful for the blind.

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