Firefighter’s Best Friend

Last year we had some of the most terrible forest fires and the number is rising. The aftermath is undeniable. The quicker you contain them, the more likely you’ll win the battle. The Autonomous Fire Guard concept explores robotic applications to overcome the shortcomings of real people. The bot is equipped with laser scanners, IR cameras and radar to cut thru the smoke. They’re meant to operate in the last phase of a fire fight called mop ups. It’s unsafe for humans to tread the scorched earth, not knowing if the brush underneath is still kindling.

The entire system is designed around modular tools to fit the task at hand. Sometimes you’ll need clearing, other times you’ll need a water container. The flexibility makes the Fire Guard the perfect firefighter’s assistant. One thing that’s unclear is the “autonomous” part. Does that imply the Fire Guard operates freely?

Designer: Aydin Mert




Autonomous Fire Guard Concept Robot by Aydin Mert