Firefighter’s Best Friend

Last year we had some of the most terrible forest fires and the number is rising. The aftermath is undeniable. The quicker you contain them, the more likely you’ll win the battle. The Autonomous Fire Guard concept explores robotic applications to overcome the shortcomings of real people. The bot is equipped with laser scanners, IR cameras and radar to cut thru the smoke. They’re meant to operate in the last phase of a fire fight called mop ups. It’s unsafe for humans to tread the scorched earth, not knowing if the brush underneath is still kindling.

The entire system is designed around modular tools to fit the task at hand. Sometimes you’ll need clearing, other times you’ll need a water container. The flexibility makes the Fire Guard the perfect firefighter’s assistant. One thing that’s unclear is the “autonomous” part. Does that imply the Fire Guard operates freely?

Designer: Aydin Mert




Autonomous Fire Guard Concept Robot by Aydin Mert


  • Josh says:

    How would this extinguish smouldering/burning debries?, The unit dosent look large enough to carry much water or fire retardent. Even with a 500 gallon tank you would be having to return to refill every 30min or less to atiquitly douse hot spots. The earth mover or tree cutter would be the most benificial

    • Aydin says:

      Hi Josh,

      Just visit my website for more information about the project. Briefly, this machine is not meant to be used in the first attack where you need hell amount water. Instead it is designed to be used in the last phase of the operation where you don’t need that so much water. It is all about going through the fire area and check every single hot spot that could bring the fire back again. It is a really important task to be done precisely. This unit can carry 500 lt water on its back and this is enough for ~12 hours non-stop working.

      Cheers mate..!

      • M.S.W. says:

        Hello Aydin,
        What is the projected price range for the base unit and it’s modules?

  • stephen russell says:

    Need this in CA State Big time.
    Must produce this.
    Ideal for Urban environments.
    Must demo for NFS, NPS alone & US Dept Interior.
    2 bad CA State cant afford this system.
    Id add robotic claw & chain saw arm for cutting debris & trees.
    Or have triple saw module to cut trees in 3 diff ways away from Fireline etc.
    & or erect barriers for flooding.
    & have Flame thrower to start backfires to cut Big fire.

    Must be Air Portable for use.

    Test site: Lake Arrowhead CA area.

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