Portable Interactive Display

The Portable Interactive Display doesn’t have a catchy name but the student concept does provide a solution to architects and others involved in building design. The concept provides a way for professionals to take all their (digital) building plans and discuss them anywhere.

The suitcase form factor which contains all the components to create an interactive touch surface on any sufficiently large and bright table. A ultra short throw projector provides a 60″ projection on virtually any bright surface, combined with a vision based tracking system this allows touch inputs to be detected on the same surface.

The software provided on the interactive display is programmed to take images and CAD drawings (and also 3D objects eventually) and displays this on the surface. The content can be freely manipulated with natural gestures and allows annotation (drawing, notes) as well.

Sounds almost like a very specific application of Microsoft’s Surface table but in a portable package.

Designer: Hiep Truong

Portable Large Interactive Display Concept from Hiep Truong on Vimeo.

Portable Interactive Display by Hiep Truong