Monitors Your Health, Draws Blood

The  < yu: > enables real time biometric feedback – the kind of information that could revolutionize medical diagnosis. It’s a soft bracelet mesh that checks your vital signs and even draws painless blood samples. It interfaces with you computer and acts as an alarm clock by applying pressure. With a flick of the rest, the device tightens and takes real time biometric readings to be transmitted to a computer and physician.

Designers: Ewald Neuhofer, Talia Radford, Thomas Schiefer & Georg Milde

<yu:>  EXT AVANCED MEDICAL DIAGNOSTICS by Ewald Neuhofer, Talia Radford, Thomas Schiefer & Georg Milde




  • Derek says:

    How is this anything more than a fashion bracelet? There doesn’t appear to be any thought for how/what the internal electronics need to be, and I’d love to know how they plan on drawing “painless” blood samples.

  • Anthony says:

    Why not just post a picture of a bracelet that cures cancer, since that is just as feasible.

  • Alex Smith says:

    @ Derek and @Anthony:

    I know i agree with both of you, this is such a stupid idea!

    The part where it shows it flat semi curved and fully closed, is written as advanced medical diagnostics: stages!


    All, it shows is how it opens and closes!

    Because, this thing is not feasible!

    Might as well make a device that automatically takes your urine sample, without having to pee first!

    And they call themselves designers!

    All it shows is the lady wearing the bracelet! And there is no image showing how the blood gets collected!



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