It’s an Armchair then PRESTO

What do we want? Rocking chair! When do we want it? In under 20 seconds! Thats what you want. I know you do. You’ve got a chair that sits flat on the ground, you’ve got a rocking chair, but what you really want is 2 in 1. The “Fotel” by Budapest, Hungary designer Peter Vardai is just the loving spoonful you are looking for. And it’s got nice colors, too!

The aim of this project was to create a chair that no only looked good inside and out, was also comfortable in both places too. Not only that! But the chair had to be a rocking AND an armchair and be comfortable in both transformations, too!

The frames is made from carbon, the seat of comfortable elastic bands. Good for people who sweat profusely. I shall put this in my “transformers” file.

Maybe in my living room, too!

Designer: Peter Vardai