A Pen that Practically Melts in Your Hand


Our hands are always working, typing on a keyboard, texting on a mobile device – constant motion. At times, I feel the ache of this constant movement and look for ways to stretch my fingers to lesson the strain. But what I find odd is that the tools I used growing up weren’t all tech tools, but tools like pencils, markers and pens.

I love to draw, and love to use pens to sketch out something on paper. However, I find that after having become accustomed to using my hands with technology, going back to a pencil or pen seems almost foreign, and my hand quickly gets tired from gripping the roundness of my pens. However, now, it looks like there is a solution in the making.

P22 by Pagnotta Design, is a 3D Titanium Pen that when held, feels like it melts into the form of your fingers. Its ergonomic design, optimal weight and balance makes using it extremely comfortable. Made from the same material used in Formula One, Aerospace and the Military, makes the P22 a class above the rest.

Available in both Satin and Mirror finishes, the P22 is also a Green pen, with a near zero carbon footprint – using up to 95% less waste than most pen manufacturing processes. These pens are unique and will be Limited Editions for all pen enthusiasts.

Designer: Pagnotta Design [ Buy It Here ]