Saddle Up!

The saddle. What’s more classic than the saddle. The HORSE saddle, I should say. There ARE things more classic than the RAT saddle, which of course is ridden by the common cowboy cricket. No, I am talking about the human-to-horse saddle here, and what we HAVE here is a design that re-interpreits that. With a nice, shiny new, web mesh.

This web mesh we speak of offers not only much better ventilation for the horses back, but makes for a much nicer ride human-wise on Mr Ed. Each of these “Saddle Classics” saddles is created custom for the horses back using sophisticated saddle planket with integrated sensors to measure each little detail of the horses frame.

And it’s made in pretty colors. How nice!

Designer: Ben Cselley


Saddle Classics by Ben Cselley