This Ornate Scroll Is A Gadget

It’s inlayed with some mother-of-pearl work and looks like the Korean ‘Najawnchilgi’ lacquer ware craft, but Gyo-Ji is actually a translation device. Compared to the ViewTrans that we saw recently, this scroll features a rolled-up screen and allows you to write the foreign script directly onto it for translation. Another way of getting the job done is to place the screen on the foreign script and then hit the translation button. At this rate I think translation dictionaries and handbooks will soon be redundant.

Designers: Soonkyu Jang, Taehee Woo, Yonghuk Yim & Chung Lee


  • Reis says:

    Don’t you see the irony here? The word English is misspelled… Engish 🙂

    • Radhika Seth says:

      LOL! So true, that’s why the need for dictionaries, translators etc!

  • Bic says:

    Coincidence? 1 year to late I’m afraid…

    • soonkyu says:

      So, Maybe China and Korea culture is similar culture. I think new touch and UX basis design. 2years ago, I saw Korea historical drama. I search it that culture and UX basis.

  • Jem says:

    Not so. Curventa’s design is one of many applications for a design of this shape. I first read about a similar design in a sci-fi book about 7 years ago. the difference here is the on-the spot translation process.
    Personally, I believe that the look of many new designs now days are asthetically plain. Thus, I love the mother-of-pearl covering, which gives the device an old-school oriental touch.

  • TIM says:

    I think the style is come from China.

  • soonkyu says:

    sorry,,,Not China. This is Korea style.

  • MadCow says:

    form follows function… not the other way around… sorry I don’t buy the “scroll” shape… unless you have research that tells me a pull out flex screen is easy to use for foreigners, then there is no reason for this gadget to be a scroll shape.

  • HiroAgonist says:

    This is obviously only a concept done in renders. When it ships to someone I’ll be interested, until then who really cares?

  • i saw that too 😛

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