Incredibly Lazy In The Future To Cook

Dumbledore’s Pensieve would come in handy here, but the thing is, I need you to look into the future and not in the past! The scene is this, you’re as lazy and rusted in the kitchen as Irona coz you now have a full-fledged butler-robot to do your cooking; Butl-R-Bot. It’s compact, intuitive, cooks, cleans and flies like Tinker Bell; only the fairy dust is missing! This futuristic kitchen-o-bot relies on “Responsive Artificial Intelligence and advanced technologies.”

Oh, these techs would include “humanetic arms, fan arrays (allowing movement), cameras and advanced sensors that allow it to cook meals, order and collect food, manipulate all tasks a human can around the kitchen and interact with all available kitchen utensils and appliances.”

Lazy or not, this what Electrolux Design Lab Finalists Tim Leeding foresees for you in the future…90 years from now…

Designer: Tim Leeding



Electrolux Butl-R-Bot, Robotic Kitchen Assistant by Tim Leeding