A Room With A View

Right from the Five-Star gilded service to behind the bushes; I’ve used many kinda bathrooms in my life. And the two things that contribute towards making an impressionable one are ambiance and cleanliness. At home, you would want to create a bathroom that’s functional yet chic. Easy to maintain (ugh lime scales) yet classy. One such bathroom design that fits the bill is the Wavflow concept. Clean and uncluttered, the soft waves-like finishing creates a rejuvenating atmosphere.

Materials Used:

  • Blueish pearl white fiberglass as exterior of fixtures
  • Brushed steel sheet as interior of fixtures
  • Chrome steel faucets
  • White ash wood hooks
  • Silicone coating to prevent slippery surfaces

Designer: Wei Chung Lee

Wavflow Bathroom Concept by Wei Chung Lee