Biomimetics Gone Bad In A Good Way

M.S.Q.T.O. is a quad bike inspired by the irreverent blood sucking mosquito. The rider sits higher than other all-terrain vehicles for a better vantage point to pick out your next prey. The entire package is very compact with an aggressive stance. Even the placement of the legs and wheels invoke an image that gets me to swatting.

Designer: Vipin George


  • ranjix says:

    not bad, but… : ) Seems to be for one person only, not sure about the engine, where do you put any stuff on it, and what’s up with the levers, they should work together, looks like they might allow one to direct the front wheels towards each other. But, I have to admit, I was wondering for a long time why not more go-carts on the streets…

  • Carl says:

    front impact and you are flung forward.! if it flips you are dead.

    • And would this not be the case for a normal Quad Bike???

      Yes, your point is pretty clear but, if Vipin is using a Quad vehicle principle so is in line with one of the fastest growing modes of transport since the motorcycle was established.

      Not a bad market place to start with and lets face it, even though sinclair’s C5 didn’t progress was because it was far too early.

      Maybe now is the time to break that common link?

  • K says:

    Yeah Front impact and your screwed, just like on a motorcycle. But I guess since it has 4 wheels. That makes it more stable and easier to control which makes it safer. No hood for rain or weird weather conditions though. But again like a motorcyle. So just dont drive it in the rain and your good. Very nice design. Looks good. Something new for an old idea.

  • Junior says:

    u guys r such spoilsports

  • DaLk says:

    A problem is that it looks not very comfy, especially you’re not of the rigt size. But well, as for a motorcycle, as K justly said 🙂

    • vipin says:

      thanx guys.. this was just a form exploration excise, not a serious vehicle. An abstarction from msqto, for the basic structure frame of vehicle. There was a folding leg concept also behind this MSQTO.

  • Vipin,

    Whilst I can hear some of the comments regarding the MSQTO I still feel it is close to something that is possibly an Ergo Vehicle / Quad!

    If you would like to visit our website and use the contact system, I would be interested to follow the progress should you take it any further.

    This way I can also release the news to our community which is Quad Bike based.

    Best of Luck
    Shubh Ratri – Namaste.

    Darren UK.

  • dario says:

    what program is this modeled on???

  • It would make a great lawnmower though

  • It would make a great lawnmower though

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