Demolition Robot

Did you watch the Seattle Kingdome demolition in 2000? That stadium was brought down by implosion techniques; however it’s not necessary to resort to kabooms every time you want to bring down walls or buildings. To knock them off safely something like the Kaputt.R Demolition Robot should suffice.

UPDATE: Check out the video of the robot in action


  • Kaputt.R has a folded two-armed architecture that allows a wide range of motion.
    A counter-weight effectively balances the extended arms.
  • It is propelled by 4 electric caterpillar tracks, allowing a wide and stable stance without exceeding the maximum load-bearing capacity of the floor.
  • A selection of tools can be attached, such as a buzz-saw, plow, or high precision tools like the power gun.
  • The Powergun was inspired by conventional explosive demolition.
  • To curb pollution and additional waste (wiring, casings, etc.) the Powergun uses propane gas as its shockwave source.
  • It directs pressure waves of propane gas explosions in a linear direction, effectively weakening walls by shooting holes through them. The wall can then easily be knocked down.

Designer: Tony Weichselbraun, Erol Kursani, Bernhard Ranner & Florian Wille

[youtube: 468 344]