Intuitive Tap

The Water Symphony Faucet is probably best for public toilets than homes coz hygiene is more of a concern in such loos. The idea is to have a faucet that is intuitive enough for you not to touch it (uggh-the bacteria!) to operate. Sensors around the mixer make it function automatically when a hand comes within range and features like water pressure and heating are adjusted via a unit installed under the sink. The tap includes a mic and an OLED screen that displays the water pressure, temperature and water consumed per wash.

The control unit under the sink includes a microprocessor for processing and saving the settings. Oh, and I almost forgot…you can actually use voice command to set the temp…like just tell it to turn the water to 27 degrees and it will be done!

Designer: Aleksandr Mukomelov




Water Symphony Faucet by Aleksandr Mukomelov