Intuitive Tap

The Water Symphony Faucet is probably best for public toilets than homes coz hygiene is more of a concern in such loos. The idea is to have a faucet that is intuitive enough for you not to touch it (uggh-the bacteria!) to operate. Sensors around the mixer make it function automatically when a hand comes within range and features like water pressure and heating are adjusted via a unit installed under the sink. The tap includes a mic and an OLED screen that displays the water pressure, temperature and water consumed per wash.

The control unit under the sink includes a microprocessor for processing and saving the settings. Oh, and I almost forgot…you can actually use voice command to set the temp…like just tell it to turn the water to 27 degrees and it will be done!

Designer: Aleksandr Mukomelov




Water Symphony Faucet by Aleksandr Mukomelov


  • Carl says:

    not for cat owners! cats would be setting this off all the time, good job they cant talk too!

    • M.S.W. says:

      For cat owners one could turn down the duration of flow rate to last for only a sec. Just long enough for fur-ball to get a quick drink. Which for the lazy owner that doesn’t keep fluffy’s water bowl topped off a good gizmo to thwart fluff’s thirst. 😉

  • -F. says:

    Yeah, we’re finally entering the age when you control your basic household apparatus by just flailing your arms in it’s general direction and hoping it does something you like!

  • Paul says:

    Oh, wonderful work. I really like the work of this studio.
    All of them are very tech concepts.

  • Meril says:

    Excellent shape. I would like to buy it.
    This is an ideal find for hygiene in the home.

  • Aimee says:

    Its nice, but we have that in almost every public bathroom in the US minus the screen.

    • Meril says:

      Is this true?
      I have never seen before in public places the faucet with a voice controlled of temperature.

      • Jay-Z says:

        it’s boring talking to a faucet telling it to boil my hands at a hundred degree Celsius

        why not have motion sensor at the side of the faucet?

        colder at the left, hotter at the right. if u move your hands up at the left, it gets colder as well as hotter if you move your hand at the right up higher.

        then a speaker at the back tells you:
        “you have washed your hands at 27 degrees using .0142 liters of water.”

        more interactive than intuitive, I guess

  • kancs says:

    why a comlete heating system? the simple ‘old’ mixer would be better.

    • Mukomelov says:

      Energy savings during heating is more than 30%, compared to a standard system of mixing.

      • M.S.W. says:

        Another benifit to the energy savings is the near instant tempature change which saves water most people waste waiting until the tempature was just right. Also unlike a traditional hot water heater owner would not have to worry about a water tank bursting and flooding the basement.

  • confucius says:

    Doesn’t anyone else think it looks a bit phallic like?

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