Ten Creative Cutlery Concepts And Designs

If you look into the history of spoons and knives you will know that we have been using them from pre-historic times. With references found in various religious and historic literatures, these implements have evolved with the passage of time. Initially fashioned out of wood and even stone, the availability of cheap steel and metals led to a revolution in their designs. Here’s a look at ten creative concepts and designs that represent cutlery.

10) Yogurt Spoon by Nojae Park


Down till the last drop; this is soo funky for those situations where you don’t want to let go of that last dollop of yummy yogurt. Saves you a lot of embarrassment of being caught licking d cup!

9) Handy Spoon For Baby by Thomas Franke


A complete package for tending to baby’s meal-time needs.

8 ) SPOO by Paul Sandip


This one’s more for the parents than the baby to be fed. It’s comfortable to use for right and left handed folks, making it an ingenious concept!

7) Famia – Feminine Cutlery by Mulu+Milano Design Studio


Using a feminine approach to designing cutlery, this collection looks neat on the dinner table when placed in a set particular fashion.

6) IC3 concept Alex Schulz


Is it fair to leave technology out of something as generic as cutlery? Nope, so there you have it….knives, forks and spoons that analyze the food you put in your mouth!

5) Cake Sharer by Junk-Suk Choi


Don’t discard the packaging of your cake, nip tuck it and use it as a spoon!

4) Simpleware by Sean McGreevy


Made from martensitic steel (the hardest of all steels) with magnetic properties, this flatware can be stored upright, within the cabinet, or in the drawer. Neat!

3) Lux Dinnerware by Philippe Starck


A durable designer collection is hard to come by coz most often designer-ware is oh-so-precious and expensive to use. The Lux Dinnerware suprises!

2) Silverair by Pod Design and Media


Bone Folder sounds a funny term to be used in conjunction with tableware, but that’s what describes the Silverair project perfectly!

1) lightWARE cutlery by David Veldkamp

Ten Creative Cutlery Concepts And Designs

High on romance and looks, this LED cutlery concept looks alluring for the perfect dinner date!