Interactive Solar Energy Eye

While solar power and other such similar “green energy” solutions might very well be the solution to the 36% of carbon dioxide pollution sent up by commercial buildings in Europe, the business owners are reluctant to join the team. What this particular interactive eye on the wall does is to connect the customer to the direct result of the business using environmentally sound solutions – in particular, solar energy.

As the video below shows, this big eye-type of device lights up with pretty colors when you come up on it. Sensor-driven LED lights, that’s what that is. Also in this device is “local” glass and woodcraft, reducing the price of the unit.

This device works in concert with an unnamed solar-power system installed elsewhere on the building. What the device shows is the benefit of the system. With pretty lights and simple-to-read info-graphics, the “Interactive Solar Energy” device displays “the conversion of sun rays into liters of heated water and the power current during the current minute.”

And did I mention there’s pretty colors? Owa-weewa!

NOTE: I just did another entry on solar-powered awesomeness today. Check that one out too, if you’ve got the need for total sunflower speed!

Client: Absolicon
Designer: Martin Willers in collaboration with Swarovski, Björn Yttergren Interactive Institute, and Susanna Tirén Glasdesign.

Interactive Solar Energy Martin Willers 01

Interactive Solar Energy Martin Willers 02

Interactive Solar Energy Martin Willers 03