Futuristic Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Designer Adam vows that he never looked to any specific design while conceptualizing the City Vehicle, but I think if we were to re-do the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang car for the future urbanites then this would be it. Hosting all eco factors like solar technology on the surface of the roof, regenerative braking, electric motor and capabilities of harnessing wind power as well, this concept car is meant only for city commute. To keep the vehicle light and easy all high-tech gadgetry has been ditched and only the bare essentials incorporated.

The car is meant to seat 2 people in a 1+1 in line seating arrangement, or 1 person with luggage. This is coz Adam believes that mostly people commute alone in the city (say to work) and rest of the space in the car is wasted.

Practical, viable or simply OTT; I reserve my judgment on that, but I kinda like the cozy appeal that it has.

Designer: Adam Palethorpe

City Commuter Vehicle Of The Future by Adam Palethorpe