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The Fly Phone

FlyIdea is an amazing phone that features an alluring interface. I simply love the dongle-earphone that performs a myriad of functions. The dongle essential functions as…

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Sunny Song Is Green

What’s Hot: Eco-friendly tag, meaning Solar Power; Bluetooth, A2DP/AVRCP, latest NXT panel technology, two kinds of styles: one for desks and the other for mobile phones….

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Gee Zero is my Hot Hot Telephone

Android. Google. Google Chrome. Cellphone. Mobile device. The little screen you carry around to handle all of your business. That’s where it’s at. Here we’ve got…

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Car of Magnetic Proportions

You’ve got the need for the speed in the streets. You’ve got to go faster than your crappy metal-on-metal jalopy can take you. Faster, harder, stronger!…

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Take a Cell-Phone Swig!

You can’t get too tipsy on this: the “Cheers” personal mobile device. It’s powered by an efficient, maybe even energy-saving Alcohol-cell. Looks mighty like a container…

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Magnetic Therapy

I’m not here to give you the advantages of Magnet Therapy, but to tell you about the new Magnet Liteon Phone designed by Tryi Yeh. He’s…

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