Tulip Toaster Is Really Warm

I’m sure you will recollect the showcasing of Toasters we did on YD recently. While those were the flamboyant, futuristic sorts that bordered on unrealistic strategies, the Tulip Toaster we see here is quite contrary to the. It redefines the cold steel lines with ballistic black finishes that we see in the markets these days. The Tulip tries to break traditional norms by incorporating some warmth into the design. This is achieved by adding a wooden frame inspired by the namesake flower. The bended plywood used to create the outer cover gives the toaster a very “Arts and Crafts” feeling. Kitsch!

Designers: Sergej Kuckir, Hayley Powell, Katherine Whiting, Minas Patsalos & Varun Gujral


  • matt says:

    looks great. but its a toaster with wood on it; try telling that to the friend that comes over and sees this thing on your countertop. seriously?

  • CrimsonCrow says:

    Expensive crumb tray. Cleanup nightmare.

    • Carl says:

      hehe bang on with the comment. you also loose space in the kitchen as the tulip effect pushes the toaster further out from the wall. cant see who would want this?

  • George says:

    Absolutely LOVE this design, molded plywood over white casing, and the aluminum knobs… Inspiring.

  • M.S. says:

    Just styling…and it took 5 designers?

  • dustin says:

    quite beautiful.. but what’s the white material? plastic or formed metal wouldn’t be my first choices.. ceramic?

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