This is one lean, mean and green floating machine. Part stealth fighter, part 007 fantasy, this 47 foot “CODE X” Yacht by Swiss Yacht builder CODE X, is a catamaran style power yacht that is not only ubber-luxurious but a technological wet dream. Packed with the latest in LED touchscreen control panels that delivers complete automated control over such things like the solar/hybrid power system to the GPS-controlled ‘virtual anchor’ system that utilises the electric motors to maintain a stationary position regardless of wind or currents. If you get tired of saving the planet and creeping around in near silent mode, you can rock the docks with the twin Ilmor Formula One engines, delivering a hefty 710hp. This Swiss design features a Kevlar/carbon shell with phototropic-shaded windows. The deck is UV-resistant with a heat-repellent shell ensuring you are hotter than your ride.

Design: Code-X


  • humza khan says:

    i like the sleek, elegant, minimalist like nature of it. Seems to have some similarity to the boat from the movie the island:


  • matt says:

    hull is completely different for this one, they both are futuristic, but this one’s rear is a bit more attractive.

    Put it into production and see if the real visuals match the rendering 🙂

  • cra says:

    head lights? ha! groovy! where are the nav lights at? where are the fishing rod holders? i like this idea. cool shape. how much would it cost?

    and you would actually need a real anchor. no experienced seaman would rely on an anchor system which needs power to work. ever.

  • And how can you walk on the deck ? uh ?

    Look at mines – this is different, but can be build and used.

    • matt says:

      boats like these are for a specific type of user, it’s a powerboat by the shape and style. there shouldn’t be fishing rod holders and a deck, it’s not to take your family on and bathe in the sun

  • I feel some plagiary impression in styling from Swedish designer’s works 4 years ago—-

  • Alpo Special Dinner says:

    What is “green” about this? A 750hp motor? Nope. What kind of retart do you have to be to think this is “green”?

  • stephen russell says:

    GReat for Navy SEAL Use,
    Harbor Patrol
    & Police Boat.
    Radical shape.
    Great for HI & FL alone.
    Id charter one for HI (Oahu, Kauai, Maui).
    Build this.

  • Diamond says:

    The boat from ‘The Island’ is made by Wally (www.wally.com). Nice boats and yachts.

    This craft reminds me of the changeling assassin’s craft in one of the newer Star Wars movies that Anakin drops in on and hangs off pursuing the assassin.

  • Scilly Guy says:

    The GPS anchor is nothing new, I know for a fact that the UKs Trinity House vessel Patricia has that system already. As someone else has mentioned a physical anchor is needed too.

    For those that don’t know, Trinity House is the UKs Lighthouse authority.

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