Petite Cargo Pickup Plays Transformer

Here’s the deal about this fantastic Cargo Pick-up concept: Traffic’s bad, it’s only gonna get worse with time. To tackle inner city deliveries, is this innovative battery powered vehicle that boasts of variable track, wheelbase and load carrying configurations. It features a Compact Mode, Narrow Mode (with banking corner action) and Pick-up Truck Mode. The Compact Mode sees the Pick-up section flushed to the back of the cabin. It’s an ideal situation for small deliveries. The Narrow mode gives reduced width and higher maneuverability and as the name suggests, the Pick-up Truck Mode allows you to carry larger payloads.

The Clip-On composite body panels give plenty of real estate for putting up adverts, which I think is a brilliant idea.

The CarGo Pod or the storage compartment when empty can be removed to further reduce the vehicle length.

Designer: Adam Schacter