Plan Your Cycle Route In Advance

Just the other day Takashi and I were talking about getting back into shape and it even inspired him to go out and get himself a bicycle. Like a kid with his new muse, these days Tak can often be seen riding downtown Tokyo, so if you’re in the vicinity be sure to stop him and say hi! Anyways my point about his bike is that it lacks a qualified navigation system, so I asked a designer friend to help me out here. Ross came up with this VeloCity Cycle Route Guide, which I quite fancy.

The neat gadget clamps up to the handle bar and includes audio as well as visual guide. You simply need to hook up the device to your comp and download the desired route from an online map. Turn by turn, the VeloCity rattles of the directions and simultaneously displays the map on the screen. Of course GPS and Bluetooth come into play as well.

Just so you know how well you exercised, the device gives you a feedback on your performance as a power biker!

Way to go Tak! Keep biking and I’m sure you’ll shed those extra inches soon!

Designer: Ross Kemp