S Is For SuperDuper!

No you are not looking at the new Jaguar XF or the Aston Martin Rapide. This is actually the new all-electric Model “S” sedan from often beleaguered Tesla Motors. It is the follow up to the much hyped and groundbreaking Tesla Roadster. This sexy four-door sedan comes loaded with the latest touch-screen technology, sleek styling and enough green karma to choke the Dali Lama. Did we mention it’s entirely electric and not a concept?

UPDATE: Jalopnik just got all the live details on it.

Designer: Tesla [ Via: Jalopnik ]


  • matt says:

    oh and electricity comes from where? oh yeah, factories.

    • niko says:

      could b greenones… what a car with run with gasoline never is. i think this is beautiful!!

    • makimango says:

      And gasoline comes from where?

      That’s right, It’s been drilled, fabricated, and transported from other side of the globe. That’s a lot of emissions… Then it’s burned in you car to produce more emissions!

      Electric car is more efficient. Electricity can be made whit less emissions, or even emission-free.

      • MadCow says:

        to be fair, the batteries used in electric cars are the most toxic pos ever used in any form of transportation. just because the car is green during use, it does not mean it is when it is being made or disposed of.

        what will happen in 10 years when these batteries filled with nickel and mercury fill our landfills…

        i think biofuel and hydrogen is the way to go.

        • Bibingka says:

          Wrong, there is no nickel and mercury in Lithium-ion batteries. You can’t get any cleaner than battery powered cars because you can use clean energy directly (water, wind, sun, tide). Biofuel and hydrogen requires a chemical process which requires huge amount of energy (especially hydrogen). Battery is to date by far the cleanest. But I know that many companies are working to solve the hydrogen problem. So maybe in 10 – 20 years hydrogen will it.

          • shinodawg says:

            i think we should make electricity by burning noobs from the mystical internets

    • Carl says:

      defo good point. if the lecky does not come from a clean place what is the point of this. how is the rest of the car made, the plastics the paint etc?

      • GTI says:

        The EV is cleaner by air pollution. And it takes less energy to make a EV than a hybrid. A hybrid needs for petrol engine and eletric components to run, EV is only electric. so it takes less energy to build one, logistically simpler to build and cleaner air pollution. The battery can be reuse like this article in Yankodesign. https://www.yankodesign.com/2009/03/26/energy-seed-a-yanko-love-story/

        And probably you can think more uses for these batteries in your garden and house.
        How cool is that.

    • Victor Assis says:

      You guys should walk. Oh, wait, tennis shoes are made of plastic too, god damn it!

    • Alvin says:

      Although it comes from factories, combustion of fuels and the harnessed power from it is far more efficient when carried out in factories compared to car engines i.e. it does help the environment a little

  • creative says:

    the back of the car screams jaguar x-f..

    a identity of its own would be nice

  • MadCow says:

    i think tesla and fiskars really have an identity issue when it comes to car design…. and 4 doors?…. really?… bah..

  • GTI says:

    Refined design, but so what?
    I think they just missed big opportunity designing something that tells it is an EV, be proud of EV create something new and not just another nice petro forms on 4 wheels. And to be honest be in teh market by 2011. Well, Too late for the big EV party. Fine design but so what…….

  • AlienzExist says:

    Step in the right direction thats for damn sure.

  • FLX says:

    You guys are missing the point. I think they made this design quite normal (though very beautiful) on purpose – they want to make those cars a regular sight in everyday traffic. Plus its a 50 grand Limousine, its target customers want something elegant and classy. So something totally wild and crazy that screams electro!!! with a loudness would be missing the point i guess.

    • GTI says:

      To understand better, search for sale of Camry hybrid vs Prius, same brand, same technology but different concept and see what a desaster business for Camry hybrid. But anyways, I just hope those ppl who put down the deposit for this car don’t lose their $, because Tesla can’t build it yet as mass production vehicle, don’t know how and no $ for the investment. hopping they can make it happen under this dark economy turmoil though……..

  • Cyph says:

    I don’t understand why the gov’t wouldn’t back a company like this and get it moving so people start using less gas sooner, oh yea there’s no one LOBBYING for it. So what if it’s not 100% green its still WAY better than 98% of the vehicles out there now. It’s good for your wallet and the environment, the choice is simple.

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