Dare You Shake, Tilt or Fart On My Chairs

My family is as dysfunctional as the Chairs for the Dysfunctional by Alice Wang. All of us are quirky personalities and the five chairs in the series go perfectly well with our mindsets. For instance the Skilled Tilter is designed for those who tilt their chairs and my son does just that (and falls off very often)! An integrated spirit leveler attached to the side lets us see how tilted he is. For tall, successful people like my husband the Equality Seeker is apt. The chair can be customized so that he sits at the world average sitting height of 140cm.

The Constant Shaker is what my daughter is, you know girls can never sit still in one place, they gotto keep moving all the time. This chair includes a calculator that computes the amount of calories burnt when one fidgets or shakes. Girls will love this!

Status Announcer: that’s who I am; the social butterfly who constantly needs to update her status on FB and Twitter! This chair allows me to update my status like I do on my online profile.

There is always room for guests in my house, which is why I have saved the best seat for you: The Silent Farter. If you come stocked up on beans, I’ll know coz the chair will amplify each and every single fart you stink out.

Designer: Alice Wang

Skilled Tilter

Equality Seeker

Constant Shaker

Status Announcer

Silent Farter