Portable Gardens Can Replace Walking Your Dog

Have a Green Thumb but always rued the lack of space, season or inclination to get your personal green-patch? No worries, the Eden Project is perfectly suited for such situations. It’s a scheme where you get to take home your own patch of garden for a while, tend to it and then bring it back to the community Green House, which is centrally located. It’s almost like owning a part-time garden that’s on a set of wheels and is very un-demanding.

Shaped like a triangle, the portable Eden Pot is made from Thermo-formed heavy-duty plastics. The wheels are hidden from view to give the patch a sleek look. It even has a clear cover to protect the buds when you walk them home. Another cool thing incorporated into the design is the tools storage bin; it’s built into one side of the Pot. After you are done with talking to your plant and nurturing it for a bit, you simply stow your tools there and wheel it back to the greenhouse. This project looks to be quite appealing and if the community gets involved, it could be a big hit!

Designer: David Barry



  • Mixel says:

    Funny design and I like the way it is presented.
    I was wondering if the wheels are able to drive over rough terrain. Your garden is a pretty rough terrain.

    • David Barry says:

      Hi This is David the designer. thanks for the interest. The wheels are roughly the same size as those found on wheel barrows. Because there is less ground clearance with the pots it might be a bit trickier to manoeuvre on rough terrain. However this is designed to be used in public areas where like parks etc. where the ground is usually quite smooth.

  • Caroline says:

    Hello, I was just wondering how much this product would cost, as I am looking at it for my A-level project and comparing it to other similar products.
    Thank you

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