Long Wall Clock

There isn’t real need to change the mechanics of a circular analog clock. It’s efficient, compact and can scale to any size from a wrist watch to Big Ben. That didn’t stop Aleksey Belyalov tho. He believes are more functional way (and more aesthetically pleasing) is a clock that fills up with white/black to indicate time of day. Marks along this long clock give you precise readings but even a quick glance is enough to determine the time of day. Unnecessary?

Designer: Aleksey Belyalov

(Above: Furniture by BoConcept)

(Above: Furniture by BoConcept)


  • John Q says:

    i think this is unnecessary if all you are looking for in a clock is to tell time. If you are looking for a beuatiful piece that serves more as art than a function, this would be it.

    • MadCow says:

      Art vs Design, Innovation vs Gimmick, these are clear cut lines that can be blurred if you are not careful in your methods.

      this clock is very much on the gimmick side and bordering on art and design.

  • confucius says:

    I like it, I do, its a cool concept and a new take on an age old device/system of telling time but…

    Im thinking that (at a glance) it pretty much tells us where in the stage of the day it is, as opposed to an exact time. Now, correct me if I’m wrong but is this ability not hardwired to every human being, i.e I know at the moment its roughly 3.20 pm without having looked at my clock for hours.

    So, it tells us what we already know. Its a huge LCD display too, pretty exxy…

    Nice design though.

  • Erik says:

    I really enjoy how this captures the linear nature of time. Functional art piece – very cool.

  • a.belyalov says:

    Thanks for your comments.
    If it interesting for you, you can see small animation of my RollOclock in my on-line portfolio (http://www.behance.net/Gallery/RollOclock/184510)

  • Rob says:

    Hate to say it, but it reminds me of the “now loading” bar I see every day on my latop… those things frustrate me so much, I’m not sure I’d want one on my wall!!
    Is the surface just black/white, or are you planning other colours/textures for the clock surface?

  • DoctorJoeE says:

    As art, it’s moderately interesting.
    As a clock, it doesn’t appear to tell me anything that I couldn’t find out by looking out a window. Most people (sober people, anyway) don’t even need a window to know if it’s daytime or nighttime!

  • DK says:

    I think the clock is very cool looking and would make checking the time fun and interesting rather than mundane. I know there are people, some with learning disabilities, some not, who would actually benefit from this type of representation of a full day and the ratio of past-future in a day.

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