VJ’s Could Probably Be DDR Champions With This

Thru a tangible interface, Video Remix imbues vj’ing with fluidity and natural expression that’s currently lacking. The interface comprises of a hand controller and pressure sensitive floor. The hand controller handles video clip selection and floor mixes between three channels of video based upon applied pressure. It opens up a performative style of interaction that frees vj’ing from being chained to the mouse and keyboard. Encouraging a greater diversity of performers to the media.

Movement and audience connection is the essence of performance, Video Remix brings the vj out from behind the screen and into the foreground in direct communication with the audience. With lots of movement necessary to use ‘video remix’ the physical performance is teased out while an artistic one is being created.

Designer: Julian Faelli


  • Eric says:

    Sounds interesting to play with. I would think if you want to apply pressure to 2 different foot pedals at once it would be difficult to do standing up…

  • KwangErn says:

    Let the Koreans dictate its success. 😉

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