The Nintendo Switch UP comes with a detachable backpack that works as the TV Dock

Quite a glorious cross between the Nintendo Switch and the Switch Lite, this concept by Olivier Raymond is a monolithic handheld console with the exemption of one detachable part that allows you to beam the Switch’s game to a TV as well as charge it. Titled the Switch UP, the console is primarily handheld, but still retains a crucial feature found in the Switch… being able to game on a larger screen.

The Switch UP doesn’t come with detachable joy-cons, making it a little like the Switch Lite that released last month. However, the Switch UP sits halfway between the Switch and the Lite, giving you the ability to play your favorite Nintendo titles on the move, or on your TV! The backpack, called the Clever Dock, fits into a negative space in the controller, integrating with it seamlessly. It works as an extra battery-pack for the console, while also comes with HDMI and USB ports, allowing you to plug it to your television or even a projector.

The Switch UP concept packs an IPS LCD Multi-touch display with a resolution of 1080p, along with an Nvidia quad-core Cortex-A72 CPU, and Nvidia Turing 10nm high-performance GPU. “RAM has been bumped to 6GB too, ensuring faster load times, better graphics, and overall greater performance”, says Olivier. “The console now comes with 64GB of onboard storage, which means more room for games on the go. There is also an SD card slot for extra storage.”

Designer: Olivier Raymond