Nigella Would Love This Ornate Blender

“What is this, 1958? Give the little wife a blender?”
Famous quote from the iconic Father of the Bride, but I’m sure little Annie wouldn’t have flipped so much had she received anything as ornate as this gilded beauty. This is just one of those eye-candy things that you get to decorate your kitchen with, not really industrious or something. Simple, elegant, leaf-inspired; you get the drift. Enjoy gilded pureed pea soup tonight Nigella!

Designer: Sang-Jang Lee


  • confucius says:

    A mini boat propellor in a case?
    How do i blend a quarter cup of pine nuts for my pesto?
    This is an example of a product thats become so over designed to a state where it becomes completely impractical.

    • Henrique Staino says:

      If you are trying to make pesto in a blender, you deserve to fail!

      Just kiddin’, but, blenders need fluids to work. The blades are positioned in such a way that it creates a flow, so it will blend everything. Every blender has a minimum capacity, below wich it won’t work.

  • TonTon says:

    What about the blades? 😉

    • zippyflounder says:

      they wont chop that’s for certain, I am pretty certain they will just cavatate and that’s all.

  • Eric says:

    There’s totally a use for this! Put it on slow to keep slushy’s mixed! Ya!
    Is there a lid, or pour spout? Can the container be removed without the blades attached, is there a bottom? Probably need two hands to pick it up also, there’s no handle. Those “leaf blades” won’t do crap. I nominate this “designed” blender the “best waste of money” award (for this week.)

  • confucius says:

    It would work as a stirrer. Not a blender. And Henrique, its just the nuts that go in the blender, you dont want to churn them in the mortar and pestle.

    • Henrique Staino says:

      Pinoli are soft. You can easily mash them with a good set of mortar and pestle.

  • william says:

    another issue…. is the gold safe to deal with acid stuffs? like lemon

    • Eric says:

      Good point, I wonder if it’s plated, or gold “leafed.” Either would be questionable…

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