Power of The Revolving Light Switch

Gradually as dawn breaks the rays of the sun bathe the sky with its warm glow. A meditative effect that sees itself being transformed as the MAGI! With this concept you get a two-part team that tangos together to perform a synchronized dance. Rotate the power switch and the overhead lamp progressively opens to reveal the light. Like the glorious sun shining over you, urging you to feel your inner light, the MAGI beams through.

The MAGI light and switch concept was sponsored by ARTEMIDE.

Designer: Liang Yun


  • RY says:

    very interesting concept. the proportions need to be played out more. as well, the on/off switch should mimic the way the light opens (a switch turns on by splitting in half maybe?), creating a direct correlation between the task and physical reaction of the product.


  • matt says:

    the story told about the product is more compelling than your images. the first image is very bland and should reflect your explanation more imo.

    • Keith says:

      I agree. If you are showing off a lighting design, show us how it lights a room, or wherever it is meant to be used.

  • LIANG Yun says:

    thanks all your guys comment!!!

  • KwangErn says:

    Pretty cool!

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