Like Most Fans, This One Gets Tired

I don’t think anyone can argue that eventually, if humans don’t get green active, the earth is going to get used up. But true to form, humans don’t really give much of a hoot about such things. What Addi Design Group wants to say is: you should feel this pull physically, every single day. (Or at least every day you need a fan.) With “Our Biggest Fan” who’s head, when not in use, droops down like a wilted flower. Sad, huh?

The fan is activated and kept upright by a leather strap running down its back. When the strap is unhinged, the fan stops spinning and the head droops down. When you need air, you re-pull the strap.

Addi says this cute couple of sentences about the fan: “Global warming needs to be stopped. The problem itself is very big and it sure needs a very big group of fans to make a difference.” AWWW.

The thing I wonder is: with such big spaces between the guards around the spinning blades, what’s to protect my fingers from global chopping off?

And yes, I have been that silly before.

Designer: Addi Design Group