Experience Summer Glow During Winter

Hollywood movies showcase the perfect winter day effectively, however the truth is quite contrary. Look at the snow on the driveway! How gloomy and dark the skies are! After you’re done with the shoveling and nursing your frostbitten fingers, it takes a while to really appreciate the snowman or the snowflakes. If you were to have the Luminaarparaad installation on your lane, wouldn’t it make the drab, cold winters more cheerful?

Lighting up the street, these plastic flowers and bushes are coated and molded with special glow paint. These special paints absorb the solar energy during the day and thus glow at night. With the current recession gloom over our heads, I guess we all could do with some color that will help us tide this winter!

Designers: Pent Talvet & Kristian Paljasma